Car Junk Yards

Recycled auto parts with warranty

Such an ugly phrase, isn’t it . . . car junk yards? It’s like something you would want to avoid, isn’t it?  Whoever dreamed up that original phrase for salvage yards should be fired as an industry spokesperson, don’t you think?

Search no more for junkyards near me. We are All Import Auto Parts, one of the leading salvage yards in the Fort Worth area, and what we sell is definitely not junk.  Give us a call if you are looking for  hard-to-find used car parts. We can find it and deliver it, most times, within twenty-four hours.

Reputable salvage yards do not deal in junk

First off, let’s get rid of that notion immediately.  Reputable salvage yards deal in quality used auto parts. Now pay close attention to that word “used” because it’s important.

If a 2018 vehicle is in a car wreck, and it is totaled according to the insurance company (too much body damage), the engine is still running quite well. There is nothing wrong with the fuel pump after an auto accident. There is nothing wrong with the shocks or the struts or the brake pads.  So in that case, that totaled car is sent to a salvage yard, and the “used car parts” are sold off at a deep discount.  Those parts are only two years old. They still have tens-of-thousands of miles left in them, and you buy them at a 50% discount.

Not a bad deal at all!

Do you want more peace-of-mind?

At All Import Auto Parts, we actually give a 90-day warranty.  So you not only have our reputation backing up that used car part, but you get the added assurance of ninety days with that part you purchase.

Look at it another way. Why would we give a ninety-day warranty on all used car parts we sell at All Import Auto Parts? Why would we take that chance?  We do it because we are confident that the parts we sell are of a high quality. We do it because we have confidence that what we are selling will provide you, the buyer, many more months and years of service.  It’s that simple!  And our confidence is your windfall.

Now does that sound like junk to you?

Of course not!

Look at it a different way!

All Import Auto Parts has been selling salvage parts to the people of Fort Worth for over three decades.  Do you really think we would have stayed in business that long if we were selling junk parts?  It would be impossible.  The people of Fort Worth are not stupid.  Word spreads when a bad product is being sold. We might have gotten away with selling junk for a year or two, but thirty years?

No way!

So car junk yards?  It’s a terrible phrase, don’t you think?  From now on let’s call them salvage yards.  We salvage quality car parts and sell them at a discount so that you can afford them.  That’s what All Import Auto Parts has always done, and that’s what we always will do.

You can count on it at any reputable salvage yard!

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