auto recycling

Auto recycling may not be a “sexy” topic, and it most certainly is not a topic most people are well-versed in, but it does serve a valuable purpose and that purpose benefits you.  We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with affordable and reliable used car parts and affordable and reliable used truck parts. Call us today, tell us what you need, and we will find it for you.

How auto recycling works.

In a typical scenario, when a vehicle is rendered inoperable, it is towed to one of the salvage yards in the city.  There all salvage parts are removed from the vehicle and sold to the general public.  Once all parts have been removed, the vehicle body is crushed and shipped off to a salvaging plant, where the materials are used in the manufacturing of new vehicle.

About twenty million vehicles are recycled annually in the U.S. and Europe and, happily, approximately 86% of those vehicles are recycled and reused.  And that percentage is slowly increasing as technology advances.

The benefits provided by salvage yards.

The salvage auto parts sold at salvage yards are sold at a discount, thus benefitting customers who are looking to do some DIY repairs.  The discount is oftentimes in the neighborhood of 40%, huge savings in this troubled economic landscape.  Those savings will translate into more economic sales in the local economy, keeping the community healthy and vibrant.

Over time, all of that recycling will help the environment, and we all benefit when that happens. How does it help the environment? Recycling materials means less mining for metals needed; it means less energy expended in mining for those metals, and that is a win for the environment and a win for everyone drawing a breath.

Save money, shop with confidence.

Let’s address the thousand-pound elephant in the room.  Yes, in order for you to save money, you will need to know how to do car repair.  And we confidently report that most car maintenance, and most car repair, especially on older models, are things you can do even if you have very little knowledge or experience.  YouTube videos are made covering practically every repair known in the industry, and basic tools are all you need to do the job . . . that and some confidence in your innate ability to figure things out.

The other question we hear often is about the reliability of used auto parts. Can you trust them to function the way new parts function? We would answer that by saying this: most vehicle parts are manufactured with a 100,000-200,000 mile life expectancy. That’s a pretty good window to have as someone looking to buy used.  On top of that, companies like All Import Auto Parts give a warranty on all parts sold. Our warrant, which is 60 days, is an industry best, and it is our way of telling car owners that we have full confidence in the used car parts we are selling.

So, save money, save the environment, help the local economy, and improve your feelings of self-worth . . . all great reasons to support auto recycling in your area.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts.

All Import Auto Parts has served the citizens of Fort Worth for over thirty years, two generations of car owners, and that is a record we are proud of. Call us today, tell us what you need, and we will find it for you faster than the shake of a lamb’s tail.