local salvage yards. . . how reliable are their salvage car parts?

Salvage yards are not simply places where you buy used car parts and used truck parts. They serve a much bigger purpose for the local city where they are located.  We are All Import Auto Parts, and in this article we will talk about the ways that salvage yards help the environment.

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Salvage yards cut down on garbage.

How many times have you taken a drive and passed by yards where abandoned cars sat rusting, or empty lots where the same was happening. The owners drove them until they stopped running, then abandoned them, and to say they are an eyesore would be a gross understatement.

Eventually, it is left to the city to have that hunk of “junk” hauled off to the city landfill, thus increasing the amount of garbage in that city, in that state, and in the country.

Wrecking yards eliminate that garbage. Usable parts are sold off; the remaining metal is crushed, sent to refining plants, and reused.

Wrecking yards cut down on new mining.

Related to the point just mentioned, anything which cannot be resold on a non-functioning vehicle is then crushed, flattened, and sent to manufacturing plants where it is reused as metal for new parts, thus cutting down on the mining for precious metals.  Cut down on mining and you cut down on the use of natural resources, thus benefiting the environment.

Getting the most out of a product.

Many auto parts are manufactured with a lie expectancy of a couple hundred thousand miles.  There is absolutely no reason to junk a perfectly functioning piece of machinery.  To do so is waste, pure and simple, and this country does not need more waste.  The DIY movement is not only a “save money” movement but also a reuse movement, thus cutting down on waste, thus saving money, and thus saving the environment in a number of ways.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts.

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We are a part of the community we live in, and that was one of our goals all along.  And what does that mean to you, the customer? It means we are your neighbors. It means our kids go to the same school, we worship at the same church, we buy groceries in the same supermarket.  We are not some conglomerate headquartered three thousand miles away; we are Fort Worth born and bred, providing the very best in used auto parts, and in doing so providing our customers with peace of mind.

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