auto wrecking yards will give you cash for your wreckedd car.

Obviously, we are not talking about owning an auto recycling company, but rather we are talking about shopping at an auto recycling facility for used car parts and used truck parts, and in so doing be a part of the auto recycling movement.

Which is what we want to talk to you about in this article. We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, a leader among local salvage yards.  Call us for more information about auto recycling and how it can benefit you.

Auto recycling as it applies to you

For the average citizen, the first time you will have anything to do with an auto recycling business is when you go to one of the 60,000 salvage yards across the United States and purchase used auto parts there.  Those parts are referred to as recycling auto parts, because they are not new and are being used again.  If they are being sold by a place like All Import Auto Parts, they have been tested to make sure they are operating properly, and they come with a 90-day warranty for your peace of mind.

Once all usable parts have been sold from a wrecked vehicle, the remaining metal is then completely recycled, melted down, and made into brand new auto parts.

The benefits of auto recycling

The obvious benefit of auto recycling for you, a car or truck owner, is in the savings.  Savings of 40% or more will add up quickly for any car owner, and as you well know, the cost of car maintenance is a major expense for all of us.

In addition, the very act of recycling will help the environment, cut down on mining, and cut down on the use of energy used by factories making new auto parts.  It is a win for you, and it is a win for the environment.

Getting over the hesitation of DIY car repair

The only reason, then, that every car owner does not take part in this DIY movement is the fear of not knowing what they are doing, a concern that they will not know how to repair a vehicle.  And, to those people, we say this: if you have the tools, and if you have access to YouTube, any vehicle owner can learn to do about 90% of all car repairs.  You just need to dive into it, make up your mind that you can do it, and then learn how to do it through YouTube.

Or, if you’ve got a neighbor, or a favorite Uncle Don, who knows all about car repair, your job will be that much easier.

Just keep thinking about the money you are going to save because of DIY car repair.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

All Import Auto Parts is family owned and operated, and we have been leading the way in responsible auto recycling, in Fort Worth, for over three decades.  We are a generational business doing business the right way, putting our customers first, and making sure we meet their needs with a friendly smile and a heartfelt thanks.

Call us today and let’s get you started with the auto recycling movement.