salvage yards near me you can trust

Doing a “salvage yards near me” Google search may not be the best use of your time, and we are going to tell you why. We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area for thirty years and counting with quality used auto parts and used truck parts. Call us, tell us what you need in the way of used car parts, and we will come through for you.  We always have, we always will.

Okay, we made a claim, so let’s back it up.

Salvage yards near me ignored quality and quantity.

Doing a “near me” search for anything only concentrates on one thing: geographic proximity.  If you did a Google search for salvage yards with great quality, or a Google search for salvage yards with great quantity, it would make much more sense. But geographically? Is that really important when you are looking for quality used parts for your vehicle?

If you have to drive ten extra miles to purchase used car parts which will last you a year or two or three, isn’t that extra mileage worth the bother?

Salvage yards near me ignores reputation.

Just as important is this fact: a blanket Google search has nothing to do with the reputation of the salvage yards that search finds for you.  Again, we are talking about parts for your vehicle, a vehicle which will transport you, your family, and your friends, hopefully safely.  Do you really want to risk that safety of loved ones on a company which may not have, shall we say, a stellar reputation?

What you should look for in a salvage yard.

We are going to use our own All Import Auto Parts to drive this point home.

At All Import Auto Parts, we offer a 90-day warranty with every single part we sell.  Trust us when we tell you that is the best warranty you will find in the Fort Worth area, and it solidifies our claim that you can trust our company and our product.

In addition, All Import Auto Parts is nationally certified and accredited, which means certain standards are met and maintained year after year.

Finally, we leave nothing to chance at All Import Auto Parts. We carry standard parts for the best-selling autos, but we also plug into a computer application which allows us to find any part for any year, make, and model of vehicle you may have. Once found, it is a simple matter of having that part shipped to us and ultimately to you, the customer.

And that is called customer service, and that is why All Import Auto Parts has been a leader in the industry for over thirty years.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts.

Think about this: in this highly-competitive world, during good economic times and bad, All Import Auto Parts, family owned and operated, has ruled the salvage yard roost in the Fort Worth area for three decades.  That’s the kind of claim you can count on when looking for salvage parts. Call us and we guarantee a fair price and an industry-best warranty.