salvage auto parts

 Admittedly we are a bit biased with regards to this topic, junkyard auto parts. We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, one of the leading salvage yards in all of Texas, and we happen to believe there are no problems with our particular junkyard.  Having said that, we’ve been around the block a time or two, and over the past thirty years we have seen things within the industry that customers should be aware of. That’s what this article is for, raising awareness about junkyard auto parts.

The first problem is in the name junkyard auto parts

We don’t like the word “junkyard.”  It sticks in our craw. We do not thing we sell junk by any stretch of the imagination. We sell quality used auto parts. We sell quality, fully-functioning, long-lasting used car parts and used truck parts. There is nothing junkie about the products we sell, and we would really love to get rid of that image.  Junkyards are not junkyards; there are recycling yards, or salvage yards, and that different name really does alter the image the average person would have regarding a salvage yard.

Prices are not regulated in junkyard auto parts

There are salvage yard associations, but salvage yards are not required to belong to them.  As such, prices of used car parts can have a very wide range.  What does regulate prices, however, is when you have two or more salvage yards in the same city, at which point the laws of supply and demand kick in, and a pricing structure will naturally develop.  Nothing says pricing regulation like competition.

Quality of parts is not regulated

Again, salvage yard owners are not required to belong to any national associations, but if they do, and if they pass the stringent requirement stipulations, you can be fairly certain you are dealing with a very reputable dealer.  If you have several salvage yards in your city, go with the one which has national association affiliations.  They consider it important that they meet requirements, and that is very important for the average citizen.

Some have warranties, some do not

Again, salvage yards are not required to give warranties on used auto parts. Having said that, All Import Auto Parts gives a 90-day warranty on all parts we sell, which is the best industry guarantee you will find.  If you live in a city with only one salvage yard, and they do not offer warrantees, you have to ask yourself why that is?  What are they hiding?  Again, All Import Auto Parts offers a full ninety day warranty on all parts; that is the industry standard you should look for in your city.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

All Import Auto Parts is family owned and operated. We have been serving the fine people of Fort Worth for over thirty years now, and that kind of longevity in business can only happen if the customer service is outstanding and the product is topnotch. Call us today and we will find the car part you need at a price you can afford. We guarantee it!