We hear this question often at our business, All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area:  how much do you save by purchasing salvage auto parts?  Before we answer that question, we invite you to call us with specific questions about specific used car parts.  One phone call will take the guesswork out of your shopping for used auto parts.

How much of a discount do you receive?

This question is a bit tricky.  The range usually mentioned is between 35%-85% discount on used car parts across the country, depending upon the type of part and the quality of that part.  If we were forced to give a figure, we would say the average discount, across the board, is around 50%.

If you have ever shopped for new car parts, you will know that a 50% discount can mean some serious savings.  Take, for instance, a transmission.  A fifty percent discount on a transmission can literally mean a savings of a thousand dollars, or more.  The savings are even greater for an engine, and what hard-working citizen of this country can ignore savings of that much money?

Even smaller parts are worth the act of purchasing salvage parts.  A set of tires, new, will run you what?  Upwards of $800 for top-of-the-line.  A 50% savings sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Or a side-panel for your Toyota? You could save at least $100 on that.  The same can be said about a fuel pump or a distributor or whatever you might need.

Check on specific sales

Many salvage yards will have weekly sales on specific used parts.  In other words, at All Import Auto Parts, we might have a week where fuel pumps are 50% off, meaning 50% off the already discounted price, meaning it’s entirely possible to pick up a quality fuel pump for thirty or forty bucks.

Those kinds of savings are hard to ignore in this tough 2020 economy.

What about the quality?

People who have never shopped at wrecking yards are often concerned with the quality of used auto parts.  At All Import Auto Parts, we test every part we sell to make sure it is working properly. We also give a 90-day warranty on every part sold.  No matter where you shop for your salvage parts, make sure you get that type of guarantee.

Also, consider this: all auto parts are designed to last a minimum of 100,000 miles. Many will hold up twice that long.  If you find the part you want on a low-mileage 2015 Toyota, there is an excellent chance that part will last you for years, and given that you paid half for it, that is as good a deal as you will find in the car marketplace.

About All Import Auto Parts

We are a family-owned and operated business, serving the Greater Fort Worth community for over thirty years. That kind of longevity in the business world only happens when the customer service is topnotch, and the quality of the parts sold is excellent.

Call us today, as us your questions, or let us do a parts search for you.