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What are salvage yards? Why do they have value for you, a car owner? How reliable are they?  We will tackle those questions in this article about traditional wrecking yards. We are All Import Auto Parts, and we have been serving the Greater Fort Worth Metro area for over thirty years. Call us for all of your needs, used car parts, used truck parts, any make and model, we have what you need.

What are salvage yards?

Salvage yards are large lots where wrecked and non-operational vehicles are kept, and where the public can come to purchase used auto parts taken off of those vehicles.

That general definition is basically a definition of a salvage yard from thirty years ago.  Today, computers rule the world of commerce, and it is much easier to locate any part for any vehicle via computer inventories and the World Wide Web.  In the old days, salvage yard owners would try to have the most popular vehicles on the lot; it was obviously impossible to have every part for every vehicle manufactured, so they played a numbers game. If Toyota Camrys were big sellers, which they were, then you could bet there would be some Toyota Camrys on every salvage yard lot.  Today, with computers, and with shared inventories, it is simply a matter of going to a search engine, locating a part needed by a customer, and then having that part shipped to the local salvage yard.

Why buy from salvage yards?

The most obvious answer to this question is cost.  Used auto parts cost much less than new auto parts, and for car owners who do their own car repair, that cost means huge savings over the time a vehicle is owned.  40% savings, on average, add up, and most car and truck owners are always looking to save a buck whenever possible.

And, the number of people willing to tackle DIY car repair is increasing. With YouTube always available, with countless videos showing people how to replace practically every car part imaginable, doing your own car repair has never been easier.

Another great service found at wrecking yards.

The other benefit found at salvage yards which is not talked about that often is the fact that most salvage yards will purchase your wrecked car or truck, and even have it towed to their lot free of charge.  The amount they will pay depends upon the type of vehicle and its condition, but you can usually get anywhere from $100-$750 for your wrecked car or truck.  Certainly, you could make more money if you parted it out yourself, but that will take months and months and then, at the end of the parting out, when all parts are sold off, you are still stuck with the frame to get rid of.  So selling to a salvage yard is an easy, and attractive, alternative.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts.

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