Imagine a young man during the birth of Rock n Roll, listening intently to a record on his new stereo system.  He’s into the music but greatly disappointed in the quality of the sound.  He decides to do something about it.

That young man was Amar G. Bose, and the year was 1956.  He set about figuring out how to get better sound out of audio equipment, and from his experiments, Bose Incorporated was founded in 1964.

Bose was a graduate of MIT, and his research led him to the realization of the importance of reverberant (indirect) sound on perceived audio quality.  He discovered that the design of electronics failed to take into consideration the spatial properties of the radiated sound in listening spaces, like homes and apartments.  In other words, he discovered that sound bounces off of things in those spaces, and that bounce back effect greatly affected the quality of sound.

His company adopted as its mission to achieve “Better Sound Through Research,” which is, in fact, the company slogan.  His first loudspeaker product was the Model 2201, which dispersed 22 small mid-range speakers; it was designed to be placed in the corner of a room and to use the reflections of the walls in the room to increase quality.

He eventually invented the Model 901, which was an immediate success despite the fact that it was totally unconventional.  Most of the sound was sent away from the listener, unlike most speakers on the market which all aimed the sound at the listener.  Judging from the success of the Bose speakers, it is quite obvious that the young MIT graduate knew what he was talking about.

Today, Bose audio equipment is among the best in the world, and can be found in many of the leading vehicles on sale today.  Their sales of OEM equipment is in the millions, and they continue to be among the leaders in new technology.

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