When was the last time you did maintenance work on your car’s ignition?

Exactly our point!

Most likely you were shaking your head in frustration, because you can’t remember the last time your vehicle needed ignition maintenance.  Do you know why that is?

In today’s modern vehicles, there are practically no moving parts in the ignition system.  Spark plug wires?  Gone!  Distributors?  Gone!  Rotors?  Gone! Ignition coil?

Add to that the fact that auto parts are now built for longevity, meaning six figures for life expectancy, as in over 100,000 miles, and it is no surprise that most vehicles built after 1980 simply do not need ignition maintenance, or at least the kind of ignition maintenance most old-time mechanics are accustomed to doing.

There are still things that can go wrong with a car’s ignition system.  The starter may fail.  The solenoid may fail.  The crankshaft sensor, camshaft sensor, or throttle position sensor may fail.  If any of those fail, the powertrain control  module receives a signal from those sensors and your “check engine light” comes on.  Then a car technician will have to correct the problem with the sensor that failed.

And that’s just about it!

So, what’s a DIY car repair guy or gal supposed to do, now that ignition maintenance has become a thing of the past?  Well, I guess you could always own a vehicle built before 1980 so you have something to tinker around with.  Or you could do the only thing most car owners can do on a regular basis, and that is to make sure you change your oil and oil filter on a regular basis.  Times may change, and vehicle parts may be managed for longer life, but still, the one maintenance job that will insure a long life for your vehicle is to lubricate that vehicle on a regular basis.  All those moving parts in your engine need lubrication or they will quickly wear out and fail.

Now, that’s the news on ignition parts and maintenance.  If you should own a vehicle before 1980, and you need ignition parts, or if you should need any other parts for your vehicle, remember that the best deals on replacement parts is at your local salvage yard.  There you will find discounts of up to 50% on certified and warranty guaranteed used parts that will keep your vehicle running for a very long time.

All Import Auto Parts is such a place.  We hope to see you soon.