Have you ever shopped at car salvage yards for car salvage parts? Millions of Americans have; still, tens of millions have not, and this article is for the tens of millions who, for whatever reason, have not found their way to a salvage yard for quality used auto parts.

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Now, though, let’s talk about car salvage yards, what they are, and what they can mean to you regarding car salvage parts.

What are car salvage yards?

Salvage yards, also known as wrecking yards, are places where discarded vehicles or wrecked vehicles are “parted out,” or sold off piece by piece.  There are literally thousands of them across the United States.  There are two types of salvage yard, the “you pick them” yards where customers walk through the lot and pull the part they need, and the traditional style salvage yard where an order is placed and the salvage yard employees pick the part needed.

Savings, savings, and more savings

Salvage auto parts generally sell for a huge discount, generally in the 40% range.  Obviously, they are previously-used parts, and thus they are sold at such a discount, and for that reason salvage yards are quite popular in the United States.  With an uncertain economy, and so many people needing their car or truck to get to work, saving money on car repair is very attractive for most American workers. Add to that the DIY craze, and it is easy to see why salvage yards have remained a viable substitute to “buying new” among American car owners.

Shop with confidence

But, can you have any faith in a used auto part?  All Import Auto Parts offers a 90-day warranty with every used car part we sell. We also test each part before we sell it to make sure it is operating properly.  So yes, you can shop with confidence when you shop at salvage yards like All Import Auto Parts.

Look at it this way: if you are purchasing a fuel pump from a 2018 Nissan, and that Nissan only has 50,000 miles on it, that fuel pump will most likely be good for another 150,000 miles. They are designed to last that long by Nissan Motors. So, you are basically getting a fuel pump which will last you the entire time you own that Nissan, and you are getting it at huge savings.

Help the environment

Anything not sold at salvage yards then go to large vehicle dismantling/crushing/recycling centers, where the spare metal is crushed, melted down, and used to make new car parts, thus saving on the energy and obvious damage done when mining new metals.  Salvage yards truly are a win-win for customers and the environment.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

For over thirty years, locally owned and operated All Import Auto Parts has served the Fort Worth area with distinction. We are the trusted name in salvage yards in Tarrant County, and we are proud of that fact. Call us and we will help you get that car or truck of yours back on the road, at a price you can afford.