When the Mazda Motor Corporation was founded in 1920, it was known as Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd. It was a corporation dedicated to manufacturing machine tools. Soon thereafter, however, it started manufacturing vehicles. Its first four-wheel car – called the Mazda-Go – was launched seven years later and the rest, as they say, is history.
Mazda has advanced significantly ever since. It has pioneered many innovations previously unknown to the automotive industry. It is the only company to manufacture the Miller cycle engine in addition to the only enduring producer of Wankel power plants. It has also initiated numerous extraordinary vehicles that have been gathering honors and respect throughout its history.
The mystery of Mazda’s achievement is the excellence and craftsmanship the company integrates into its vehicles. It’s definitely a corporation that devotes the majority of its time and energy to resourceful designing and brilliant engineering. This commitment has evidently paid off, as Mazda vehicles, upon construction, have been consummate, exceptional vehicles that are different from any other in the entire automotive business.
Mazda enthusiasts around the world have treasured the “emotion in motion” essence of the MX-5. The RX-8 is an authentic sports car they absolutely adore. Young, fit individuals got the knack of driving the Mazda2. And, while most agree that Mazda3’s vibrant, potent form is above every car in its class, the “communicative and dynamic” conception of the Mazda5 brings the energetic car to life. At the same time, the distinct design of the Mazda is recognized with the Mazda6. New Mazda vehicles pursue these fantastic models with exclusive traits they can identify as their very own. Mazda cooling systems are very strong.
The attitude in the wake of Mazda’s aspiration to manufacture high-quality vehicles is articulated in the two like words: Zoom Zoom. The superfluous is significant and should be taken earnestly, because these two terms cover everything Mazda has grown into over the last 90 years.

Mazda Shows Increased Sales in February 2015

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Mazda Tribute Recall and Used Parts

Mazda recently announced it was recalling 109,000 Mazda Tributes because of a potential rusting problem to the frame parts in states where road salt is heavily used to combat snowy conditions.  The rusting problems could result in steering problems it is said.

The All New Mazda 3

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The 2012 Mazda 5

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