What are junkyard auto parts?

Truthfully, we have always hated that phrase.  Junkyard auto parts are salvage yards, where used auto parts are sold at great prices. The term junkyard just leaves us cold. It’s the same with the term, also often used, namely wrecking yards.  It sounds negative. It sounds like a place to avoid, where junk is sold, when in truth, salvage yards are where money is saved and great deals are obtained.

We should know. We are All Import Auto Parts, and we’ve been saving Fort Worth residents money on quality used car parts and used truck parts for over thirty years. Call us for all of your used auto parts needs.

The cost of junkyard auto parts

The cost of salvaged auto parts depends, of course, on the type of part you need.  Used engines cost more than used fuel pumps, obviously.  As a general rule, though, salvage yards parts can net you savings of about 40% compared to purchasing new auto parts. If you are a DIY person, and who in the 2020’s isn’t, then purchasing used auto parts, and installing them yourself, can save you big money during a year. Do the math to find the truth in that statement. How much money do you spend each year on car or truck repair?  Now knock off 40% on the cost of the parts, and knock off the cost of a repairman installing those parts.  Like we said, you save big money by doing it yourself with parts purchased at a salvage yard.

Can you rely on junkyard auto parts?

Using ourselves as an example, we offer a 90-day warranty on every single car part we sell. In addition, we test all of our parts before sale.  Yes, you can rely on auto parts sold at All Import Auto Parts.  We bet our reputation on that fact, and after thirty years, obviously, our reputation is worth a great deal.

No matter what you need, it can be found

We have one salvage yard in Fort Worth.  We have millions of used auto parts in that salvage yard. We are bigger than most but still, it is impossible for a single salvage yard to have every single part made for every single vehicle over the past, say, twenty years.  We are literally talking about a hundred-million parts or more.  No way do we have all parts made.

So what do we do? We find the part you need, if we don’t have it, and we have it shipped to our location. We scour the inventories of salvage yards across the United States until we find the specific used part you need.

It’s as simple as that!  You can rest assured that, if your part exists, we can find it and get it to you.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

We are family owned and operated, serving the fine people of Fort Worth for over three decades. That speaks greatly about the trust Fort Worth car owners have in us, and it speaks volumes about the friendly service you will receive at All Import Auto Part. Call us today for the best deals on used auto parts in Fort Worth.