We are going to blow your mind with this article about local salvage yards!

We are going to tell you how any salvage yard, no matter how far away it may bed located from your home, is actually a local salvage yard for you.

Have we perked your curiosity?  If so, read on.

We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, family-owned and operated for thirty years, and no matter where you live, we are your answer for any search for “salvage yards near me.”  Call us for all of your used auto parts needs.

How can any wrecking yard be your local salvage yard?

Things changed drastically in the 1990s with the advent of the personal computer and the worldwide web.  Prior to the 1990’s, people needing salvage parts would have to drive to the closest salvage yard, get out, go walk around the salvage yard lot, pull the part they needed (if, in fact, it was even available), and then take that part home.  If the part wasn’t on that lot, a drive to the next-closest salvage yard was necessary, and that often meant a long-distance drive.

Calling ahead was often problematic.  Many salvage yards had inventory issues, and the person on the phone actually had no idea whether the part you needed was on their lot at that time. As odd as that may sound, it was a reality prior to the computer and the Worldwide Web.

That all changed, of course, with the computer, with computerized-inventories, and with applications which allow salvage yard owners to search salvage yards from across the country for the used salvage part any customer may want, and having that part shipped overnight to the customer’s location.

In other words, if you need a transmission for a 1995 Nissan Sentra, and there is not one available in your city, that transmission can be found instantly on the computer and can be shipped overnight to you.

Here’s how it works at All Import Auto Parts

You come in to see us at All Import Auto Parts, or you give us a call.  You tell us you need brake pads for your Honda Fit. We look at our inventory and we tell you we have them. We then arrange for you to come pick them up at our store location, or we can arrange to have it shipped to you.

If we don’t have the brake pads on our salvage yard, we find it at the nearest city to Fort Worth. We arrange to have those pads shipped to Fort Worth.  You sit back, wait a day or two, and your pads arrive, you pay for them, and everyone is happy.

In other words, All Import Auto Parts is your “local” salvage yard no matter where you live.  You could call us from Topeka, Kansas, searching for those brake pads, and we would ship them to you.

“Local” now means anywhere in the continental United States, and All Import Auto Parts is your local salvage yard.

Give us a call!  We have what you need and we guarantee it with a 90-day warranty on all used car parts purchased at All Import Auto Parts.