what to expect from auto salvage yard

At this very moment, thousands of DIYers are doing a Google search for “auto recyclers near me.” At this same moment, tens of thousands have no idea what auto recycling is, how it is used, or who it benefits, and it is for those tens of thousands that we write this article.

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Auto recycling . . . what is it?

Auto recycling is exactly what it sounds like.  Each week, Americans separate their garbage and their recycling at home. The garbage goes to giant landfills; the recycling goes to recycling centers where it is re-used to make new products for the public to purchase.

How do salvage yards work?

The same is true for auto recycling.  Discarded cars and trucks, those which have been in an accident, or those while simply no longer run properly and are beyond repair, go to salvage yards across the country. There the functioning parts, those which still work properly, and pulled from the vehicle and resold to the public.  The remainder of the vehicle, normally the frame and the metal parts which no longer function, and flattened by giant machines, and the metal goes to factories where it is used to make new vehicles and/or other metal products.

It is estimated that auto recycling re-uses approximately 90% of the original vehicle, making it a very efficient method of recycling in the United States and foreign nations.

Who benefits from wrecking yards?

Here’s the really great news about the role wrecking yards play in today’s society: everyone benefits from the role wrecking yards play.  Car owners who are do-it-yourselfers benefit by paying lower prices for salvage auto parts.  The salvage yard owners and employees benefit from the business they generate and the jobs they create. The economy benefits from the flow of goods and income.  And the environment benefits because less energy is used and less mining is necessary when recycling occurs.

How healthy is the auto recycling industry?

It is booming, in a word.  There are over 60,000 salvage yards in the United States alone.  It is a billion-dollar industry, and it is on the rise as the number of DIYers increases.  Because most car repair can be learned by the average car owner by watching a couple YouTube videos, the mystery of car repair is disappearing, and more and more car owners are giving it a try, savings thousands of dollars over the life of their vehicles.

Give it a try! Start with something easy like replacing a turn signal light, or rotating your tires, and move up the ladder of difficulty as your confidence grows.  And know that there will always be auto recyclers near me to save you money.

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