LKQ used parts near me

By definition, LKQ used parts stands for “like kind and quality used car parts and used truck parts.”  The LKQ Corporation is the largest supplier of alternative and specialty parts to repair and accessorize automobiles. The company is located in the United States and currently employs close to 400 employees.

LKQ began in 1998 with the purchase of one salvage yard. Since then, over two-hundred salvage yards and used car parts businesses have been purchased.

The benefits of LKQ Used Parts

First, LKQ used auto parts need not modification, which is not always the case when purchasing OEM aftermarket parts.  This is huge if you are a DIY car repair person.  No one needs the hassles of having to modify a part to make it fit into their vehicle.

Another benefit of LKQ used parts is that they will maintain the value of your vehicle, unlike OEM parts.

Thirdly, LKQ used parts can make you feel good about helping the environment. These are not new parts manufactured and using energy and minerals to produce; no, these are salvage auto parts, no manufacturing needed.

Where to find LKQ used parts

Finding LKQ used parts is as easy as going to their online store. There you simply type in the specific part you need, pay the discounted price, and that part is shipped to you.  It is as easy as that.

If you have an aversion to online shopping, you can call around your city. Many salvage yards carry LKQ parts at their locations, as do many car repair businesses across America.  One advantage in dealing with the largest supplier of used auto parts is that they are usually very easy to find and obtain, and so it is with LKQ.

LKQ Pick Your Part

There are even LKQ salvage yards across the United States, part of the LKQ Corporation, and they purchase over 600,000 salvaged cars per year from people like you and me. Call the nearest LKQ salvage yard to arrange to have your vehicle towed away and money placed in your pocket.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

If you are in the Fort Worth area, there is no LKQ Pick A Part salvage yard available, but there is All Import Auto Parts, and we’ve been serving the fine people of Fort Worth for over thirty years. We may not be on the Fortune 500 list, like LKQ is, but we are family owned and operated, and the people of Fort Worth have trusted us with their used car parts needs for a long, long time.

Call us and tell us what you need. If we don’t have it in our inventory, we will find it for you and have it shipped from wherever in a mater of two or three days.  Our prices can’t be beat, and as an added measure of security, we offer a 90-day warranty on all parts sold, the best warranty in the salvage yard business.

When it comes to quality used car parts at a great price and with the best warranty, the people of Fort Worth know that All Import Auto Parts is the place to shop.