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Finding pull a part locations is not nearly as easy as it once was, and in this article we will discuss why that is.

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What you will find at pull a part locations

What are pull a part locations? The term refers to pick a part junkyards where the customer, armed with tools, enters the wrecking yards area and pulls the part they need from discarded vehicles.  This is basically the way a vast majority of salvage yards conducted business during the majority of the 20th Century.  Needless to say, it was a hit and miss way of purchasing car parts once the number of vehicles increased beyond the Ford Model T.  As the makes and models of vehicles increased over the years, it became increasingly difficult for a pick n pull yard to carry all of the parts needed by car owners.

Why pull a part locations are diminishing in number

The main reason pull a part salvage yards are decreasing in number is simply because they are not practical, especially with the internet and ecommerce. The secondary reason, however, is one of insurance and liability.  Customers get hurt in pull a part locations, and the salvage yard owners were liable when those injuries occurred.  The cost of increased premiums, raised by insurance companies, simply made it financially impossible for most pick and pull salvage yards to stay in business.

Today’s salvage yards offer value to negate pick n pull locations

Thus, today’s version of the salvage yards was born, out of necessity, you might say.  Today, salvage yards carry the bare minimum of wrecked yards on their lots, usually carrying the most popular models sold. The other used parts are found online, using computer apps which can find inventories from across the country. The needed used car parts are located and shipped to the location where they are needed . . . and customers no longer experience the “fun and adventure” of scouring a salvage yard, looking for the salvage parts they need.

It’s win for salvage yard owners, a win for insurance companies, and a win for customers.

And why used auto parts instead of new auto parts? Savings, of course, savings of up to 50% in many instances. As the DIY movement spreads across this country, necessitated by the tough economic conditions, the need for salvage yards and used parts continues to increase.  And many reputable salvage yards, like All Import Auto Parts, offer a 90-day warranty on all parts sold, further increasing the customer confidence.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

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