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Catalytic converter scrap price is fueling the increase in catalytic converter thefts the past few years, so we thought it was about time we wrote an article about this increase in crime.

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What is a catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter is an exhaust emissions control device which converts dangerous exhaust gases into less-toxic gases.  They are required on all vehicles in the U.S.

Catalytic converter scrap price

The problem with catalytic converters, as it relates to the recent rash of thefts, is that they are made from precious metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium.  As the supply of these precious metals decreases, their value increases, and it is that increase in value which is fueling the increasing number of thefts.

A catalytic converter can be removed from a vehicle, literally, in a matter of a couple minutes, making them easy pickings for thieves in the middle of the night. Vehicles parked in driveways or parking lots are fair game for thieves, so much so that, on average, 1,200 catalytic converters are stolen per month in this country, with each fetching prices on the black market of $3000 or more at wrecking yards of questionable character..  In the dark world of theft, why steal a car, which can easily be traced, when a catalytic converter can be taken, with much less risk, in the time it takes to brush your teeth in the morning?

How long will the scrap price remain high?

Unfortunately, because this is a matter of a precious metal (commodity), there is no end in sight for these thefts.  Police departments across the country are wrestling with this problem as we speak. The weak link in this process is that those stolen catalytic converters must be sold somewhere, usually some sort of recycling center, so steps are being taken to step up the reporting process at those centers.  But change takes time.

What you can expect as a car owner regarding catalytic converter scrap price

In the meantime, as we wait for law enforcement to catch up with thieves, car owners must be wary.  Keep your vehicle protected at night, either in the garage or guarded by a good floodlight or some other kind of security device.  Never park your vehicle in remote areas and, even in public parking lots, like at a shopping mall, you will want to park as close to the entrance as possible.

Hopefully, a solution will be found, sooner rather than later.

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