auto wrecking yards will give you cash for your wreckedd car.

Chances are, if you are doing a Google search for “junkyards in my area,” or “junkyards near me,” you are limiting your search. That is because junkyards are more commonly known as salvage yards, or wrecking yards.  Expand your search to include salvage yards and you will find quite a few to choose from.

Having said that, this is a short primer about junkyards in your area, presented to you by All Import Auto Parts, leading the way among salvage yards in the Fort Worth area. When it is the absolute best in quality used auto parts that you want, All Import Auto Parts is the call you should make.

Junkyards of the past

The majority of junkyards in the past truly deserved the name wrecking yards, or junkyards.  Most of them were graveyards where cars and trucks went to die. They were crushed and sold as scrap metal, to be used in the manufacture of various other products.

Slowly, over the years, the emphasis of junkyards started to shift. It was noted, rightly so, that many of the parts on wrecked vehicles were still very serviceable and still had many thousands of miles in them. Slowly, junkyards became what we today call salvage yards.

Salvage yards today

The salvage yards of today are places where used car parts and used truck parts can be purchased for a discounted price. A customer will ask for a fuel pump for their 2004 Chevy. The salvage yard crew will put the part from a Chevy on their lot, or the customer will come to the lot and pull the part, and then pay a price discounted, on average, by about 40%.

After all working parts are sold, the vehicle is then crushed and sold as scrap metal, usually used in the production of new vehicles.

DIY-fueled growth in the industry

The salvage yard industry is growing rapidly, and it is the do-it-yourself movement, and a poor economy, that is fueling that growth.  Believe it or not, YouTube is at least partially responsible for this growth. It is easy these days to find a video which will teach you how to replace practically any part on your vehicle. Many new DIYers are learning car repair today, and that means the need for replacement parts only found at salvage yards.

Environmentally-friendly considerations

And then, of course, we have the added bonus that salvage yards are good for the environment.  The scrap metal salvaged is used to make new car parts, and that means less mining for metals and less energy used in the mining for metals.  It is a win for the DIYer and a win for the environment.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

Through it all, the good times and the bad, All Import Auto Parts has provided the good people of Fort Worth with outstanding deals on quality used car parts. For thirty years, All Import Auto Parts has been the name Fort Worth citizens trust.  Family owned and operated, All Import Auto Parts believes in old-fashioned notions like outstanding customer service and quality product. Call us today for all of your used auto parts needs.