auto wrecking yards in Fort Worth selling used auto body parts

Have you visited your local junk yards lately?  Do you even know what you will find in your local junk yards, otherwise known as salvage yards? Do you know about the huge savings available to you at local wrecking yards?  If not, this article will be eye-opening for you, and it can very well be profitable for anyone looking to save money on car repair.

We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area for thirty years, and we know a thing or two about local junk yards. Call us the next time you want quality used car parts at a fraction of the cost.

Local junk yards come by many names

You will hear them called salvage yards, junkyards, salvage junkyard, wrecking yards, and a variety of other names, but they all serve one purpose: they recycle unusable vehicles, sell off the workable parts to the public, and then sell of the remaining, unused frame to a metal recycling plant, where the metal is then used to make new car parts.

There are general junkyards which carry used auto parts for many different makes and models of vehicles, and there are specialized junkyards, like a Toyota junkyard or a truck junkyard, which only carry parts for a particular brand of vehicle.  There are even virtual junkyards where you shop online from a central location, and the used auto parts are shipped to you.

All of them provide used car parts at huge savings

The bottom line about all of them is this: purchasing used auto parts or used truck parts means savings of 40%-60% for customers, and those kinds of savings make salvage yards a very attractive option for vehicle-owners who have a tight budget and very little extra cash.

What do you know about car repair?

Are you a DIY person? Do you like to tackle a problem head-on?  If so, you can save big money by doing DIY car repair.  Even if your knowledge about car repair is virtually nonexistent, YouTube has a video for practically any repair you will need to make on your vehicle. All you need is a few basic tools to perform 90% of the car repair the average car owner is faced with in any given year.  And seriously, most of us know a buddy who will be more than happy to help us for the price of a six-pack of beer, and that is considerably less than the cost of labor when hiring a car mechanic.

Save money and help the environment

The DIY alternative is very attractive, and why not? You save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year, and you help the environment by buying used rather than new.  With an uncertain economy, like the one facing us in 2022 and beyond, and with the screws tightening on the budgets of millions of hard-working Americans, something like local junk yards provide a welcome relief for those just trying to get by from month to month.

A final word about local junk yards

All Import Auto Parts is family owned and operated, the leader among local junk yards in the Fort Worth area. We believe we offer a viable alternative to car repair, and our thirty years in business are proof that our business model is a successful one. Call us today, tell us what you need, and we’ll do our best to take care of you.