Money paid for junker cars at auto salvage yards

There are two things wrong with the phrase “pull a part junkyard,” and we will talk about those two things in this article by All Import Auto Parts, leading the way in Fort Worth with quality used auto parts and quality used truck parts. Call us today, tell us what you need, and we will find it for you.

What does pull a part junkyard really mean?

Pull a part junkyard is a term derived from the early 20th Century, referring to salvage yards where the customers would come onto the yard and “pull a part” from the available vehicles in those wrecking yards. Most times the customers would bring their own tools, extract whatever they needed, and then pay a discounted price for those used car parts.  This process is also referred to as pick a part, or u pick u pull. No matter what they are called, it always means the customer is doing the work and in exchange they are receiving a discount on the parts they need.

Two things wrong with pull a part junkyard today?

The problem with that term today is twofold: one, pull a part salvage yards are pretty much a thing of the past. Insurance claims for injuries suffered from customers pulling parts have made insurance premiums too expensive for salvage yards to pay them, necessitating a change in the way they operate.

The second problem is this: the word junkyard may have applied back in the 1920’s, when wrecked cars, in poor condition, were all you could find, but today that simply is not the case. Oftentimes, in today’s salvage yards, you are dealing with new, or fairly new, vehicles, so referring to them as “junk” is really a misnomer.

You have another option.

Your other option is obvious: go to a modern salvage yard where you will find top quality used parts, at a discount, guaranteed, in great condition.  Places like our own All Import Auto Parts do not sell junk. Every part is inspected before it is sold.  Savings, on average, are 40%, which really adds up during a year.  And, unlike the junkyards of old, customers are not limited to just the vehicles on the lot. With computers, and computerized inventories, all salvage yards have access to the inventories of thousands of salvage yards across the country, thus making it a simple process of finding the parts the customer needs and having them shipped to their location.  You simply walk into the office, tell the attendant what you need, they find it for you online, and it is quickly shipped.

Gone are the days of a pull a park junkyard; say hello to a new age of quality used parts at a great discount.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts.

All Import Auto Parts if family owned and operated. We live in Fort Worth, we work in Fort Worth, and we take care of our Fort Worth neighbors, now and for the last thirty years. Call us today, or stop by our retail location.  No matter what you need, for whatever make and model of vehicle you have, we can find it for you.