car salvage yards save you money when u pick u pull

What does “U pick U pull” mean? Perhaps you have seen those words, or like them, like u pull a part, and wondered what in the world they mean?

Read on and we will do our best to explain it all to you. We are All Import Auto Parts, and we know a thing or two about used car parts and used truck parts. We are one of the leading salvage yards in the Greater Fort Worth area. Call us for more information the next time you need used auto parts for that DIY car repair project.

The meaning of u pick u pull

In the beginning, when salvage yards were just beginning to pop up on the American landscape, back in the early 1900’s, car owners could go to salvage yards, tools in hand, where wrecked and/or inoperable vehicles sat, and those customers would find the parts they need, extract them from a vehicle, and then pay a discounted price for those parts . . . in other words, you pick out the part and you pull it from the vehicle . . . u pick u pull!

The problem with u pick u pull

The problem with this method of obtaining used auto parts is twofold: one, it is hard work, extracting certain parts from a vehicle, and two, it can be dangerous work.

Imagine needing a used transmission or, worst-case scenario, a replacement engine.  Very few car owners know how to remove a transmission or engine from a car chassis.  In addition, it is quite likely that at least a few people would get injured trying to do so.

And that injury means liability for the owners of the wrecking yards, and that liability means increased expense for liability insurance, and potential lawsuits, and, well, it is not surprising that salvage yard owners eventually moved away from being you pull it salvage yards, and became salvage yards where employees extracted the parts needed by customers.

An alternative for those interested in used auto parts

Today, for the most part, you pull it salvage yards have gone the way of the dinosaur.  Today, at places like our own All Import Auto Parts, customers tell us what they need, and we provide those parts from the vehicles we have in our “yard.”  And, if we don’t have the parts needed, we simply go online, and check out the national database of salvage yards across the county, find the parts needed, and have them shipped to our location.  It is a much simpler approach, a cleaner approach for the customer, and a safer approach for the customer . . . and salvage yard owners don’t have to concern themselves with possible lawsuits.

The savings you can expect? Nationally, the savings are about 40% on used auto parts, as opposed to purchasing new auto parts, and at reputable salvage yards, like our All Import Auto Parts, a 90-day warranty comes with al parts sold.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

All Import Auto Parts is a family owned and operated enterprise, and we’ve been providing quality used car parts for Fort Worth residents for over thirty years.  Call us the next time you need quality auto parts at a discount.