auto recycling facts

Perhaps you have heard of auto recycling, but you were unsure what it really entails.  This article should clarify it all for you, and in the process explain how auto recycling benefits you, benefits us, and benefits the environment.

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What is auto recycling?

The definition of auto recycling is in the term.  Salvage yards, otherwise known as wrecking yards, take wrecked vehicles, or vehicles which no longer function, and sell off the workable, functioning used car parts and used truck parts to the public, at a discounted price.  Whatever cannot be sold is then crushed, processed, and the remaining hulk is used in the production of new car parts and new cars.  It is a process which has been used since the 1920’s, and today there are approximately 60,000 salvage yards in the U.S. alone.

How auto recycling benefits you

The benefit to you, the buyer and car owner, is in saving money.  Used auto parts cost, on average, about 40% less than new auto parts.  For car and truck owners on a tight budget, those kinds of savings can mean the difference between having enough money for rent and food at the end of a month, or borrowing from family members to get by.

How confident can you be in salvage auto parts?  All Import Auto Parts gives a 90-day warranty with every part we sell. Couple that warranty with a 40% savings, and you can easily see why so many DIY car owners are turning to auto recycling to save money.

Also on the topic of money, if you have a wrecked car, or a car which is beyond repair, most salvage yards will pay you for it and arrange for the towing of it.

How auto recycling benefits us

In the spirit of total transparency, obviously this industry benefits us, your local salvage yard. All Import Auto Parts has been doing business for over three decades, and that’s only possible if we are making a profit.  If run properly, salvage yards can produce good income, and that means more jobs available for local workers in a city or community.

How auto recycling benefits the environment

And, finally, a word about the environment.  When a vehicle is recycled, those unused and unsold materials are recycled and used in the creation of new car parts. That means less energy used, and it means fewer natural resources i.e. mining used in producing new vehicles.  At a time when the environment is on everyone’s mind, and with the issue of climate change front and center, recycling auto parts is a positive step in the right direction.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

What can we tell you?  Thirty years of serving the fine people of Fort Worth from our family-owned and operated auto recycling business. We must be doing something right!

Call us and tell us what you need.  If we don’t have it on our lot, we can find it for you and have it shipped within two days.