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Car Maintenance Tips For Every Car Owner

We know, it’s only August, but now is the time to think about some simple car maintenance tips that will prepare your vehicle for the winter months ahead.  Make no mistake about it, winter is right around the corner, and your vehicle needs to be ready for the tough winter driving months.  So here are…

ALG Announces Residual Value Awards

ALG just announced the winners for the Residual Value Awards.  In other words, these vehicles retain a greater portion of their MSRP after a three-year period.  You all know that once you drive a new car off of the dealership lot, the value plummets greatly.  That is why this rating system is so handy to…

Mercedes-Benz Used Parts Equal Quality

Here’s a trivia question for you:  what is the oldest automotive brand in existence today?  If you answered Mercedes-Benz then you would be correct.  Mercedes made their first automobile in 1886, the Benz Patent Motorwagen, and the first one under their current name in 1926. The company began in 1886 with that first petrol-powered car,…

Acura Used Parts Equal Precision

The year was 1986, and Honda opened 60 new dealerships in North America.  The reason:  to introduce the Acura automobile to the American public.  Acura was the first Japanese luxury car, and they had an initial offering of two vehicles, the executive Legend and the compact Integra. They marketed under the slogan, ‘Acura, precision Crafted…