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Without a doubt, almost all of you are familiar with auto salvage, but only a small percentage of you know exactly what it is, or how salvage yards can benefit you. We are going to clarify the whole “auto salvage” mystery for you in this article.

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What is auto salvage?

Auto salvage companies are usually called salvage yards, or wrecking yards. It is where wrecked autos, or autos no longer running, go to be reborn.  There customers can go for used auto parts for their DIY car repair jobs, purchasing used salvage parts at a considerable discount.

How does auto salvage benefit you?

The most obvious benefit is the savings customers gain, oftentimes 40% or higher. On average, a car owner can save thousands of dollars over the life of their vehicle, simply by shopping for used car parts rather than new.  And before you raise this objection, let us address it: yes, that means you will be doing the car repair yourself and yes, many car owners don’t know the first thing about car repair. To that we say this: we estimate that 75% of all car repairs could be done by car owners simply by logging onto YouTube and learning how to do it.

Is that approach worth it to you? Are the savings worth learning a new skill, for you? We can’t answer that, but it is entirely possible if you are willing.

Are all salvage yards the same?

The answer to this question is no, not all salvage yards are the same. Some are called U Pick It salvage yards, meaning the customer comes to the salvage yard, with tools, and extract the parts they need from the salvaged vehicles on the lot.

Other salvage yards are full-service, and still others are simply online, where you order the part you want, and a used part is shipped to you.

Other differences are in the amount of discount you will receive, and the length of warranty offered. For example, All Import Auto Parts offers a 90-day warranty on all parts sold, but that is not true of all salvage yards.

If you live in a large city, our advice to you is to shop around for the best price and the best warranty. If you live somewhere with only one salvage yard, we suggest you do your homework and ask around for reviews about that business.  As much as it pains us to say this, there are disreputable salvage yard owners in this country.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts.

Three decades . . . that is how long the people of Fort Worth have trusted our family owned and operated business, and we consider that an excellent recommendation/review.  Call us for all of your car part needs. If we don’t have what you need, we will find it for you.