Have you ever gotten into your car and  instead of the motor starting up, all you hear is a click-click sound.? No matter how many times you try to turn the key nothing happens.
It could possible be something else like the battery or engine. Chances are you have a bad alternator or starter motor.
The alternator recharges the battery using the power from the engine. It also provides power to your car’s other electrical components, such as the radio, GPS, air conditioner. Your automotive performance depends on a reliable alternator.
The car’s alternator parts are a rotor, stator and housing. Electrical coils mounted on the rotor are spun by the engine’s drive belt or serpentine belt , move past stationary coils on the stator, and creates electrical flow. The alternator keeps the battery from losing its charge and eventually dying.
An alternator that is starting to go out, various electrical components will start loosing power when your car is at idle. If this happens, time to replace the alternator.
Replacement alternators can be new or used. You will save a great deal of money if you purchase a used alternator. Fort Worth salvage car parts from All Import comes complete with a warranty. All Import Auto Parts can ship your used auto part to you.
Alternator Parts
Serpentine Belt is used to drive accessories installed on a car engine, such as an alternator, water pump, power steering pump, air conditioner compressor, etc. Sometimes a serpentine belt could also be called a “drive belt” or “accessories belt”.
Rotor consists of a coil of wire wrapped around an iron core. Current through the wire coil – called “field” current – produces a magnetic field around the core.
Stator is a set of three coils. The stator is fixed to the shell of the alternator, and does not turn.

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