We sometimes have to replace a control arm on our car because some of the parts have worn out and need to be repaired or swapped. It could also be that the car has been involved in an accident and damage is already evident, like the ballpoint settings.
Before you start working on the control arm, you need to familiarize yourself with the car’s composition. It can be a rather simple job if your car follows the MacPherson suspension front notice. The lower control arm is L-shaped and has two ballpoints. The inner joints in the LCAs are linked to the car’s chassis, while the outer joints connect to wheel hub. The rear end of each control arm is attached to the car’s chassis.
You will need the following tools to replace the control arm: right and left control arms, a shop press or bench vice, jacks, sockets, lug wrenches and a jack stand.
The first step is to remove the hubcaps of your car’s wheel. Then loosen the lug bolts of the front wheels.
To be able to work on the lower control arm, the entire car needs to be raised. Jack up the front of the car. Make sure each side of the car is well-supported. Position the jack stands and make sure they are tightly secured because you do not want the car to drop on you while abruptly while you are replacing the lower control arm.
Remove the front wheels and put them aside once you have the front of the car supported with the jack stands.
Remove the nuts that hold the car’s sway bars and control arms together. Detach the bolts at the rear of the control bushing arm brackets that hold them to the car’s chassis. Then unscrew the nuts that hold the hub of the wheel and outer ball joints together. The same should be done with the inner ball joints. They can be difficult to remove, so you may need to use a splitter ball joint tool or punch them.
Install the new lower control arm and firmly tighten its nuts. Be sure to adjust them so that it’s easy for the new arm to slide onto the bolts. There is generally no need to adjust the lower control arm; you will only need that if some of the parts have been broken.
Be sure to fasten the bolts and nuts in the exact place they were before. Replace both wheels, lower the car and reinstall the hubcaps.
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Replacing a Control Arm

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