Did you know your car cooling system dispels the amount of heat it takes to warm a pair of standard-sized houses? Your vehicle’s power plant, which is always burning fuel, would simply burn up if it wasn’t for your radiator, thermostat, engine cooling fan, water pump and transmission cooling lines working in unison to keep the area under your hood cool.
It’s best if your engine’s combustion chamber runs at a temperature that’s hot enough to turn a liquid into a gas. This reduces emissions and allows for better ignition. It is best if the coolant in your engine runs in the 200-degree range so the oil is thinner, allowing the parts in your power plant to not have to work so hard. However, an overheating engine can result in unsafe driving conditions and extreme wear on other parts.
A modern car will usually utilize a liquid cooling system while older cars utilize a car radiator fan to keep its engine from overheating. Coolant soaks up heat as it flows through channels in fluid-cooled vehicles. The radiator removes the heat from the coolant as it passes through and transfers it to electric cooling fans. Cars utilizing air-cooled systems are wrapped in aluminum fins that guide the heat away from the cylinder. A powerful car cooling fan blows air across the fins which transfers the heat to the air and cools the power plant.
Components of your car cooling system may need to be replaced to prevent your vehicle from overheating.  For instance, you may need a replacement cooling fan. An online retailer like All Import Auto Parts is an exceptional source for car cooling system parts. They stock used auto parts, salvage car parts, recycled auto parts and junkyard parts. Considering online merchants have no time or distance restrictions, you can search as many as you want and compare prices to get the best possible deal because they have every kind of import parts for car.

The Cooling System Keeps You Cool

With summer upon us perhaps this is the perfect time to talk about your car’s cooling system.  First maybe we should list the major players that keep your car running like a cool top. 1.Radiator 2.Coolant 3.Water pump 4.Radiator fan 5.Coolant system hoses So how does it all work?  Well, radiator fluid (coolant) is driven…