Used hood parts can often times be easily found at your local junk yard or salvage yard. Whether it’s a complete used hood or just hood parts, or even specialty hood accessories you want, the body parts you’re after will likely be more affordable when you seek them out yourself. But if you’re willing to do the job on your own, it’s a good idea to follow a few tips.
Used hood parts might need a little paint, so you shouldn’t be too picky. What you should really try to focus on is recognizing structural damage to a used car hood. Of course you want your car hood to shine and look great, but that can be done later. And remember, the money you save on any used hood, hood parts, or hood accessories can always be put towards a new paint job.
Another thing you should do is be certain of the make and model of your vehicle. It won’t do you any good to pick out and pay for a used car hood if it doesn’t fit perfectly, so be sure and look up exactly what kind of ride you have to see if your junkyard gem is a match.
Once you find your used top, it might be a good idea to let your local mechanic or body shop technician take a look at it. Sometimes, a used hood, or other used auto parts for that matter, can look alright when they’re sitting in the sun. But a closer look by a trained eye can often reveal flaws in used body parts. A closer look can never hurt—besides, it’s always best to be safe than sorry.
Chances are, a car hood might not be the only thing your ride needs. So while you’re doing your rounds, take inventory for other car parts, like door parts, wheels, or car seats—they might be just the thing that gives your car the extra touch it’s been craving. And if recycled auto parts aren’t the way to go, then you could also look into wholesale parts, too. However you slice it, there are economical and affordable ways to find the auto right parts at the right price.

Hail Storms Do Great Damage To Hoods

Now is the time to mention the under-appreciated hood on your vehicle.  Known in the United Kingdom as the bonnet, in the U.S. the hood is that covering that protects the engine compartment.  It can either be opened from the front by releasing a latch or near the windshield, depending on the make and model…