Car Ignition Maintenance Tips

When was the last time you did maintenance work on your car’s ignition?

Exactly our point!

Most likely you were shaking your head in frustration, because you can’t remember the last time your vehicle needed ignition maintenance.  Do you know why that is?

In today’s modern vehicles, there are practically no moving parts in the ignition system.  Spark plug wires?  Gone!  Distributors?  Gone!  Rotors?  Gone! Ignition coil?

How Does The Ignition System Work?

You walk outside and go to your vehicle. You put the key in, turn it, and your engine starts right up. What just happened? Well, what just happened is that your internal combustion engine just did its thing, and that thing is all dependent on the ignition system working properly. So, how does the ignition…

Used Car Distributors Found At Junkyard

New Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are expensive and at time difficult to find. Many people do not understand the value of searching for used auto parts. Let’s take a car distributor for example. Many new OEM dealers are charging hundreds of dollars for car distributors depending on the type (ignition, electronic or engine distributors), make, and…