Rear view mirror: safety aids for young drivers
Nine times out of ten we tell young drivers to buckle up before starting a car, but we do not teach them the importance of car mirror. The car mirror is important because it can give your young driver as much protection as a safety belt. Think of the belt as a way to prevent injury, and think of the car mirrors as a way to prevent accidents. Over 60% of accidents that happen to people between the ages of 16 and 30 are due to that driver not checking to see if they were clear, either to pull out into traffic, come to a sudden stop, merge into another lane, or any other reason.
All of these things could have been prevented had the young driver learned the proper methods of driving. Yes buckling up is very important and in many states it is also the law. Regardless of what type of accident you are involved in, buckling up can reduce your chance of injury significantly. Side view and rear view mirrors can help you to avoid accidents if you are able to properly use them while driving. Another problem many young motorists have that can cause some serious damage is to many distractions. Cell phones, appliances, electronics and other accessories can distract the young motorist from focusing on all angles of their route including the sides and rear of the vehicle. When you are distracted you tend to only focus on the front of the vehicle and this is why so many collisions occur from the side or rear. By eliminating these distractions and focusing more on rear and side view mirrors, you are at less risk of having an accident.
Young motorists must also be aware that while their side view mirror and rear view mirror can save their lives, the ones they get when they purchase the car may not be the best for the job. There are other ones they can select that show a wider range and give you an even greater advantage. Power mirrors, used mirror parts, and other things can help you be a safer driver even at a young age.

Rear View Mirrors Keep Us Safe

When would you guess that rear view mirrors first appeared on automobiles?  Anyone?  If you said 1911 you would be correct as Ray Harroun had a rear view mirror on his Marmon racing car in the Indianapolis 500 race that year.  He actually got the idea from seeing women use hand-mirrors to see behind them…