How to Replace Rear Coil Springs

Are you having a rough ride with that vehicle of yours? The first thing most people think of when the ride gets rough is the shocks need replacing, but quite often it is the rear coil springs and not the shocks.

The rear coil springs take some of the wear and tear off of your vehicle’s suspension.  They save the shocks by taking some of the force out of bumps in the road, and by easing the load when you are hauling heavy loads.  Eventually, as with all auto parts, your coil springs will need replacing.  The front coil springs are difficult to replace and should be left to a car mechanic unless you are very proficient with auto repair.  However, the rear coil springs are a relatively easy replacement.

Shock and Strut Maintenance Tips

Are your shocks or struts worn?  Have you been putting off replacing them for a variety of reasons, figuring it’s no big deal to wait a little longer? Think again! Shocks and struts are part of what is known as the “Safety Triangle” on your vehicle.  They work in conjunction with your tires and brakes…

Shock Absorbers Smooth Your Ride

Imagine this for a moment.  When cars were first made they had no shock absorbers and no suspension system.  They were basically a wagon with an engine and it was seriously rough on the kidneys and back when you hit a bump in the road. We have come a long way since then; in the…