If you want to be a safe and cautious driver there are a few things you can do to improve your odds and give yourself the advantage out on the road.
There are a few things available to you as a driver that can make your trip safer. Stronger exterior, stronger frames, air bags, seat belts are all installed to help you survive an accident with as little injury as possible. However there are also are things that can help you prevent an accident all together. Car mirror, door mirror, side mirror, and rear view mirror are all things that can help preventing an accident from happening because they will help you to observe your surrounding area and be aware of any dangers. Most often an accident that is not your fault could still have been prevented by you if you were able to spot the problem early enough. For example, if you are coming to a stop at a red light and you notice the car coming up behind you is going a little too fast, you could pull up a few feet to give them some more room. Now this isn’t your responsibility but that little adjustment could help you to save time, damage to your car, money, and possibly even injury.
Car mirrors can help you to avoid an accident because they give you the advantage of seeing your surroundings, not just in front, but to the sides and rear of the vehicle. It is estimated that over 20% of accidents could have been avoided if the victim used side mirrors properly while driving. While it may not be your fault that an accident has occurred more than likely you would like to have done anything you could have to prevent them.
There are things you can do that will improve your peripheral vision. A door mirror can only show so much but there are replacement mirrors and power mirrors you can use that will help you see much more than the average one will. The more you are able to see the safer you are. Defensive drivers rely on their vision, especially in their mirrors, to help them avoid situations that may result in an accident.

The Side Mirror Provides Safety

The under-appreciated side mirror, also known as the fender mirror, door mirror, or wing mirror, has been around literally before the automobile.  The first recorded side mirror was actually on a horse and buggy to be able to monitor what was happening behind the driver and to the side of the driver to avoid accidents. …