The concept of power steering was developed to enable smooth, effortless and efficient driving on any type of road. While we view power steering as a rotating wheel, it was actually one of the steering parts – the hydraulic pump – that played a vital role in the invention of power steering.
Harry Franklin Vickers, an American inventor and industrialist recognized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers as the “Father of Industrial Hydraulics,” founded Vickers Manufacturing Company which manufactured the first hydraulic power steering system. Luk is the leading manufacturer of power steering pumps in Europe.
Practically every car produced since 1970 comes with power steering. Steering wheels less than 24 inches in diameter would not be possible without the assistance power steering pumps provide. The extra leverage of a larger steering wheel is necessary on older cars that don’t come equipped with this modern-day luxury.
Power steering mechanisms depend on each of its accompanying parts operating together. The term “power steering” is actually derived from “power assisted steering system.” In older cars, the engine pumped pressurized hydraulic fluid to both the sides of the steering mechanism. These days, an electro-hydraulic pumping system powered by an electric motor does the pumping instead of the engine.
ZF Friedrichshafen AG, known as the ZF Group, is a German public company that pioneered active electric power steering systems in the early 2000s.
The power steering pump is located at the front of an automobile engine. Its main duty is to produce mechanical energy from the engine and convert it into hydraulic energy. If the power steering pump malfunctions, the car will be tough to steer and must be replaced. But don’t fret; there are plenty of used power steering pumps for sale at excellent online retailers like All Import Auto Parts. They stock used auto parts, salvage car parts, recycled auto parts and junkyard parts. It’s easy to search as many online suppliers as you want and compare prices to get the best possible deal because they have every kind of import parts for car.