Power Window Motor Tips For Summer
The average person spends hundreds of dollars a year trying to save money on their car, but they never actually consider fixing something that may already be broken. In Texas, or anywhere hot, you need your power window motor working.
It may seem pointless to think of, but when your window motor is not working, you need to fix it and fast. First off you need to realize that it is important to have a functioning window motor for safety regulations. If you are in an accident where your door becomes jammed or blocked in any way you may need to climb out the window of the door closes to you. By not having repaired it for months and in some cases years, you could be living dangerously. Also by being able to roll it down on car trips you can help keep your car from carrying bad odors such as; fast food, smoking, sweat, mildew, and other smells that will eventually require you to put in hours and a lot of money to get rid of. No one wants to own a smelly car but that’s what can happen if you think the air conditioner will take care of any odors.
The air conditioner in your car was not meant to regulate, filter, and clean the air in your vehicle while you are driving. It simply was meant to make the vehicle cooler or warmer to make you more comfortable as you drive. We have already seen record numbers of heat all throughout this country as the summer has just begun and it is crazy to expect your car air conditioning unit to be able to cool the vehicle down in a couple of minutes after it has been sitting in the sun all day long. This is why you need a functioning window motor. By being able to roll down your window you will be able to cool your vehicle off much sooner.
This may seem like a pointless necessity but your health and the health of any passengers could be at stake. If your vehicle has been sitting for several hours in temperatures over 90 degrees, you could be at risk of dehydration and other health concerns if the vehicle is not cooled quickly. If a window motor replacement is needed or you just need window motor parts, it is important that you take care of this problem as soon as possible. Shop for used car parts online or visit your local salvage yard.

Window Motors and Power Window Systems

Here is a piece of automotive trivia you may not know.  The first power window was introduced in the 1940 Packard 180 Series.  One year later Ford followed suit on the Lincoln Custom, and Cadillac installed them on their limousines shortly after that. So for all of you who cranked those windows up and down…