The 2015 BMW X5

There is something to be said for being one of the first to enter a new classification of cars.  The Ford Explorer and its success can be at least partially attributable to the fact that it was basically the first family SUV.  The Beetle was hugely popular as one of the first fun-to-drive hatchbacks.  The same can be said about the success of the BMW X5, one of the first luxury SUVs.

BMW Body Parts at All Import Auto Parts

Imagine, if you, will picking up your brand new BMW 1 Series Coupe, driving it home, and then having a tree branch fall on it overnight.

Or imagine, if you, will buying a great-looking 2009 BMW 5 Series, stopping by the grocery store on the way home, and having some idiot parked next to you open his door to fast and ding your door.

Whether you have a brand new BMW or a quality used BMW, one thing you are basically defenseless about is damage to the body parts of your BMW.  They are, unfortunately, the price of doing business as a car owner.

BMW Recalls Vehicles For Stalling Problem

BMW and Mercedes are busy recalling vehicles for problems that, so far, have not caused any accidents or injuries. BMW recently announced a recall of over 156,000 vehicles to correct a stalling problem that was first noticed in China.  In 2012, BMW recalled a number of vehicles because the aluminum bolts that secure the housing…

The 2013 BMW M6

It is time we turn our attention to the top of the line in coupes, and today we will look at the 2013 BMW M6.  Take it from us, this is one heck of a car, combining power, better fuel-efficiency, and great handling. What we have with this bad boy is a 4.4-liter V8 engine…

The 2012 Mini Cooper

The 2012 Mini Cooper is a car for the times.  A vehicle that is friendly to the environment and fun to drive, a winning combination in today’s world for sure.  This is just an enjoyable car to drive, and it is quirky enough to appeal to those with a slightly off-kilter sense of style. The…