Rolls-Royce Motor Cars recently announced its lucrative 2009 sales results, with 1002 cars sold during the year. The initial 150 Ghosts, distributed to customers in December, were included in this profitable figure.
There has been tremendous demand for the Ghost, and the newest Rolls-Royce has been receiving widespread approval from consumers, the media and aficionados alike. Approximately 85 percent of Rolls-Royce Ghost clientele are new to the model.
The demand for Roll-Royce’s Phantom automobiles continues to be resilient. The four-door editions – the Phantom and Phantom Extended Wheelbase – were still the most popular and accounted for more than one third of the total. Unrelenting concentration on the Phantom Coupé and the Phantom Drophead Coupé enabled Rolls-Royce to draw fresh consumers to the Phantom family of fine automobiles.
Practically every Phantom series car manufactured in Goodwood (the automaker’s headquarters) in 2009 incorporated several Bespoke elements, with numerous brilliant and individual automobiles built for customers throughout the year. In 2009, Bespoke sales attained record levels, a trend that is anticipated to persist in 2010.
This is a fantastic outcome and a predominantly solid record, considering the difficult financial situation all car producers confronted last year. Rolls-Royce has upheld its status at the apex of the super luxury automotive market, and a large amount of this accomplishment can be attributed to its devoted and highly accomplished workforce.
North America continued as the largest solitary market for Rolls-Royce in 2009, accounting for 33 percent of its transactions. Europe’s sales figures were especially encouraging, matching its 2008 figures. Sales in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions continued to be strong and revealed enhanced growth toward the end of 2009.
In the eight years from the time the first Phantom was first produced at Goodwood, Rolls-Royce has launched five new models that have broadened the allure of the brand and confirmed uninterrupted investment in this exceptional product.

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