2015 MINI Cooper Paceman

Listen, there are few surprises with the MINI Cooper.  It is a compact.  Is it the best of the compacts?  Probably not.  The Ford Escape, the Mazda CX-5, the Ford Focus, the Nissan Juke and the Volkswagen GTI are all probably superior in one way or another over the MINI Cooper.


With the 2015 MINI Cooper, you get unique.  With the 2015 MINI Cooper, you get great handling, exceptional steering and some of the best turbocharged engines in the game.  You get great fuel economy and you get the greatest funk for your dollar that can be found in the auto world.

The History of the Smart Car

If you were asked to name a micro-compact car, what would you name?  Could you come up with one?  There are quite a few compact cars, but a micro-compact car? Well, if you said the Smart Car you would be absolutely correct, and it is a success and here to stay. The Smart Car was…

2012 Smart Car Is Here To Stay

You have all seen them!  Those tiniest of tiny cars that seem to fit into any parking spot, but look like you would need a can opener to get you out of it.  They are the Smart cars as you well know, but do you know their history? The Smart car was the idea of…