Used Auto Parts

Salvage yards for quality used auto parts at great savings.

Why buy used auto parts?

In this article we are going to highlight just a few of the reasons why we believe buying used auto parts from a salvage yard is the smart thing to do.  We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Fort Worth, Texas, area, and our three decades of experience qualifies us to pontificate a bit on this topic.  Read on and share in our experience, and if you still have questions after you read this article, give us a call at (817) 831-6316.

Save money with used car parts

Have you priced a fuel pump for your car lately?  Let’s consider one example. Say you drive a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 and you need a fuel pump.  Buying a new one will cost you between $200-$250 for the pump; then toss in the cost of labor if you are not skilled enough to do the job yourself, but for the sake of this conversation, let’s just talk about the cost of the part.

Buy the same part at a salvage yard and you will pay around $100, or about half the price.

Money saved!

Buy used auto parts with confidence

Let’s use the same example, a fuel pump for a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500.  For many years, the knock against buying salvage parts was you didn’t know if you were getting quality parts.  Complaints surfaced that the used car parts were breaking down after a couple hundred miles of use, meaning another purchase was necessary.

Not so today!  At All Import Auto Parts, all parts sold come with a 90-day warranty, meaning you can purchase with confidence.

Specific parts are hard to find at local junkyards

Not true!  The internet opened up the world to salvage yard devotees.  If your local salvage yard doesn’t have the part you want, they simply go online and find the part you need.  At All Import Auto Parts, we can have practically any car part you want shipped in 24 hours, and purchases over $50 come with free shipping. Toss that old excuse in the junk pile, thank you very much!

Good for the environment

Salvage yards are great for people interested in saving the planet, and hopefully that includes anyone reading this article.  Think about it for a moment:  the manufacture of a car part means more mining. The manufacture of a car part means more expenditure of energy.  Any old way you want to look at it, purchasing used car parts from a salvage yard is the environmentally-friendly thing to do.

Summing it all up about used auto parts

You save money, you buy with confidence, you have immediate access to whatever you need, and you are being socially responsible.  Why would you not purchase car parts from a salvage yard?

About All Import Auto Parts

Over thirty years in the business, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with friendly professionalism; All Import Auto Parts is THE trusted name in used car parts.  We built a reputation based on trustworthiness and customer service, and that combination has worked pretty well  for us for a generation.

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