Why buy used car parts?

We are asked that question on a regular basis, and in this article we will tell you why we believe used auto parts are worth their weight in savings. We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with premium used car parts and thoroughly reliable used truck parts. Call us for more information.

What do you currently pay for new car parts?

You’ll probably have to dig out the paperwork to answer this question, but it’s worth the effort for you to gain a complete understanding about the price of new car parts. Without getting too expensive, allow us to summarize what you are going to discover: new car parts are expensive, and they are rising in price rapidly, and that means a world of financial hurt for someone who needs their vehicle to get to work to earn money for rent and food and other essentials.

If you need a new brake job, something which you WILL need, eventually, if you own a vehicle, you are looking at several hundred dollars just for the brake parts. Fuel pump? Gaskets? Radiator? God-forbid a clutch or an entire transmission? These are not random examples which most likely will not happen; these are examples of car parts which will be needed at some point during ownership, and they represent a substantial outlay of cash from someone (you) on a fixed income.

Add in the labor

On average, the cost of labor in car repair is $75 per hour, one hour minimum.

We are not saying that skilled car repair mechanics are not worth $75 per hour. We are simply saying that’s a hefty price to pay for anyone on a limited budget, especially for someone who desperately needs that car or truck to run.

Welcome to the DIY world

Is it any wonder, then, that as the economy continues to get worse for the average citizen (the bottom 99% of society), more and more people are turning to the DIY movement?  More and more people are discovering that they really are capable to doing a number of tasks, chores, and repairs which they paid professionals to do in the past.  Yes, they can repair a leaking roof. Yes, they can repair a cracked driveway.  Yes, they can build a replacement fence.  And . . .

Yes, you can repair your own vehicle using used car parts

If you have never tuned into YouTube before, we highly suggest you do so now.  Type into the YouTube search engine “replace brake pads on a 2015 Toyota Camry.”  We guarantee there will be a video showing you how to do that.  Go ahead, type in any repair job for a car or truck. There are videos on them all, and there are also in-depth how-to articles online, everything a determined vehicle owner needs to dive in and repair the vehicle without the help of an expensive mechanic.

Savings on used car parts

And, when you take the plunge, and you begin those DIY car repair jobs, you will need used car parts because, well, the whole point is to save money, and you will save, on average, about 40% on salvage car parts at salvage yards in your area.

Now, take a moment to think about it all.  You are saving $75 per hour on the cost of labor.  You are saving 40% on the cost of the car parts.  You are basically saving several hundred dollars every single time your vehicle needs maintenance, and that is serious savings for anyone on a fixed budget.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

For over thirty years, our family-owned and operated salvage yard has saved money for Fort Worth residents. That kind of longevity only happens in the business world when a quality product and friendly service are offered.  Call us at All Import Auto Parts. We have what you need in used car parts at a price you can afford.