This article about salvage car parts will do two things for you:

  • Change the way you think about salvage yards
  • Save you big money

Shall we begin? We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth Metro area for the past thirty years, and we would like to share some important information about salvage yards, information we think you need as we all move forward into the post-pandemic world of 2021.

What are salvage car parts?

Salvage car parts are parts salvaged from cars which have been in a wreck, from cars which are repossessed, or from cars simply sold to a salvage yard by people looking to upgrade their personal vehicle.  Think of them as salvage auto parts, parts which function perfectly well but, because they are used, cost considerably less money.  They can be found at tens-of-thousands of salvage yards around the United States and in most industrialized cities around the world.

How reliable are used car parts?

The answer to this question is “very reliable.”  Used car parts sold by reputable salvage yards like All Import Auto Parts come with warranties to assure the buyer that they are buying parts they can count on.  Our warranty is 90-days, and all of our parts have been computer-tested to make sure they are functioning properly.

How much money can you save on used auto parts?

Considerable savings await you when you buy used auto parts from a salvage yard like All Import Auto Parts.  Consider a typical transaction at our business.  A person comes in looking for a fuel pump for a VW.  The fuel pump they need, if purchased new, would cost, let’s say, $150.  A used fuel pump for that same VW would cost in the neighborhood of $90, a 40% discount.  It stands to reason that the larger the purchase the more you save at a salvage yard.  Over time, if you continue to purchased quality salvage auto parts, you can save thousands on car parts for your auto.

What if the part you want isn’t at your local salvage yard?

No worries!  If we don’t have the part you need, we hop on the computer and do a search around the country for the part you want. We find it, we have it shipped to our location, and you can have it in a day or two.  When you shop at a place like All Import Auto Parts, you are basically shopping at all salvage yards across the United States. We WILL find the part you need.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

Family owned and operated for over thirty years, All Import Auto Parts is the name you can trust in wrecking yards in the Fort Worth area.  That kind of longevity can only happen if we provide quality, friendly service, year in and year out, and that’s exactly what we have done and continue to do.  We take great pride in our reputation, and we aim to live up to that reputation.

What do you need? Give us a call and we find you the car part you need to get your vehicle back on the road, running smoothly.