recycled auto parts are very reliable

For whatever reason, and it is a mystery to us, the Number One concern people have regarding purchasing recycled auto parts is this: are they reliable?  Can used auto parts compare well with new auto parts?

We will tackle that question in this article. We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with our quality used car parts and used truck parts for over thirty years. Call us no matter what it is you need for your vehicle; we are certain we can find what you need at a price you can afford.

Okay, let’s talk about reliability.

What are recycled auto parts?

Recycled auto parts are simply used auto parts, parts which are taken off of wrecked cars (thus the term wrecking yards), or parts which are stripped off of vehicles which no longer operate.

In a very real sense, most auto parts are recycled parts, because most new parts are made from recycled auto parts (no longer working properly) which have been melted down and made into new auto parts.  However, the term “recycled auto parts) generally refers to parts taken from one vehicle and placed into another vehicle.

Buy recycled auto parts which carry a warranty.

The question, then, is are they reliable.  Logically, there is no reason to think they would not be reliable. A car part taken from a wrecked vehicle has not been affected by the wreck.  A car part taken from a vehicle which blew out a transmission is not affected by the inoperable transmission.  Still, our best advice is to only purchase recycled car and truck parts if they come with a warranty. For example, at All Import Auto Parts, all parts we sell come with a 90-day warranty, and all parts sold have been tested to make sure they are operating correctly.  Our customers know that our business depends upon us selling only quality used parts, and they trust us when we say we highly recommend them.  In addition, our certification of national standards tells buyers that we meet or exceed the expectations of a salvage yard.

In other words, it is in our best interest to only sell reliable used parts.

Buy used auto parts from reputable salvage yards.

One more layer of protection available to you, the buyer, is to only shop at reliable salvage yards, and by reliable we are talking about those with an excellent reputation within your community.  It will not take you long to find those salvage yards. Ask around. Good news travels fast, as does bad news.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts.

For thirty years, All Import Auto Parts has sold used parts to the citizens of Fort Worth. Think about that for a moment. We are now selling to the second generation of our customers, the children of our original customers. That kind of longevity can only happen if we are selling what we promise to sell, and doing what we promise to do.

Call us today and ask us to find a part for you.  If we don’t have it on our yard, we can find it for you, and you can bet that part will be reliable.