It is quite possible that there is a whole, new generation of young adults who have either never heard of recycled auto parts, or have never stepped foot in salvage yards.

This article, then, is for them and for all of you who have heard of them but just don’t know if they are worth considering when you need a car part.  We are All Import Auto Parts, out of Fort Worth, Texas, and we’ve been selling quality used auto parts for over three decades, so we know a thing or two about auto recycling. Call us if you have questions or need a car part which is proving difficult to find.

What are recycled auto parts?

Recycled auto parts are also known as salvage auto parts, because you usually find them in a local salvage yard. Cars which have been in collisions, or cars which are unwanted by previous owners, but in poor condition and not worth selling privately, and sold to salvage yards. There they are sold piece-by-piece to the public for discounted prices.

Are recycled auto parts reliable?

Some are, some are not. That’s as honest as we can be, and at All Import Auto Parts we believe in honesty to our customers. That is why we test every part before it is sold, and that is also why we give a 90-day warranty on all used car parts we sell.  That kind of guarantee should be industry-standard but, sadly, it is not.  Look for a salvage yard which “guarantees” used parts like All Import Auto Parts, or don’t buy from any salvage yard which does not.

How much money can you save on recycled auto parts?

The average savings on car parts at salvage yards is around 40%.  It can be slightly higher, depending upon the part and the business, and it can be slightly lower. We are talking about the industry standard when we say 40%.

Put another way, let’s say you need a transmission for your Toyota, and new transmissions cost around $2000 for your make and model.  You can find the same transmission, used Toyota parts, at a salvage yard for around $1200, give or take a buck or two – a sizable savings to be sure!

Can you really help the environment by purchasing recycled auto parts?

The answer to this question is an unequivocable YES!  A large percentage of auto parts come from raw materials gained from mining, or from the production of plastics.  Either way, when you purchase used auto parts, you are lessening the amount of mining and plastics.  And all used parts not used are recycled and made into new auto parts, so again the environment wins with your purchase.  In other words, Love Salvage Yards, Love Mother Earth!

A word about All Import Auto Parts

For over thirty years our family-owned and operated Fort Worth salvage yard has served the citizens of Tarrant County, Texas. That kind of longevity, in business, is only possible if the product is reliable and the customer service topnotch.

Call us with your needs! If we don’t have what you need, we can find it at one of the thousands of salvage yards across the country, and have it shipped to you.