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Looking for auto salvage yards online is only the first step in finding one which can help you to find auto salvage parts you need.  Just like any industry, there are good salvage yards and there are not-so-good salvage yards. This article will help you to decide upon a good one.

We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area for over thirty years.  Give us a call for more information about quality used car parts at (817) 831-6316.

Finding a quality auto salvage yard will be simpler if you use these guidelines:

  • How long have they been in business
  • Are they highly-regarded in the community
  • Do they guarantee their used auto parts
  • What is their delivery lag time on parts they have to order

Let’s look at each of these important factors.

How long have they been in the auto salvage business?

Our apologies to those junkyards just starting in business, but quality and longevity are linked in the auto salvage business. It takes time to “learn the ropes,” and that time is measured in years, not weeks.  Consider it asking for a resume from someone looking for a job.  Would you rather hire a newbie or someone who knows the industry and has worked out the kinks?

Thirty years . . . that’s how long All Import Auto Parts has been serving the people of Fort Worth.

Are they highly-regarded in the community?

Ask around!  Ask the local Chamber of Commerce.  Better yet, ask the Better Business Bureau.  Ask the neighboring businesses.  You will find out very quickly which salvage yards can be trusted and which one cannot be.

Do they guarantee their used auto parts?

All Import Auto Parts offers a ninety-day warranty on all used car parts that we sell.  That simply means that we offer security AND the best prices in the area.  Look for a warranty.  If you don’t find one with a particular business, keep looking.  Your goal is to find quality salvage parts and not junk parts.

A ninety-day warranty . . . that says that All Import Auto Parts wants you satisfied, whether you purchase a ’92 fuel pump from us or a 2019 fuel pump.  We guarantee it!

What is their delivery time on parts they must order?

The reality of the salvage yard business is this: it is impossible for a salvage yard to carry every part for ever car made.  All Import Auto Parts carries over five-million quality used parts on our lot and still, there are parts daily which we must order for customers.

Having said that, nobody wants to wait days or weeks for delivery of a part they want NOW!  So at All Import Auto Parts, we guarantee delivery within 24-hours from any of the 48 contiguous states.  No, that is not impossible, not with FedEx and UPS.  If you need it, we will get it, and we will get it quickly.

The bottom line about car junk yards

If All Import Auto Parts can make the above promises, other salvage yards online can do the same. Do not settle for less, not in the year 2020.  You deserve the best in salvage auto parts.