used auto parts

Salvage car parts, found in salvage yards, are the lifeblood of the DIY car repair movement sweeping the country, and we want to make our argument, to you, in this article, why we think you can benefit from being a part of this DIY car repair movement.

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Why try DIY car repair with salvage car parts?

Besides the feeling of satisfaction when you actually successfully repair something on your vehicle, the best reason of all is the money you can save by doing the work yourself.

Stop and think about it. What does a certified car mechanic charge to work on your car? Somewhere in the $75-$100 per hour range, and that doesn’t include the price of replacement parts.  For the simplest of car repairs, you are looking at $100 before the mechanic even lifts the hood of your car.

For most car owners, in this current economy, who need their vehicles to go to and from work, that is a serious expense, one which is very hard to pay.

How much money can you save with salvage car parts

Used auto parts represent a savings of, on average, 40%, a considerable savings when you price new car parts.  Yes, we are talking about used parts, but that does not necessarily mean a shorter life-span.  Most car parts are manufactured to keep functioning for at least 100,000 miles, so buying used is not that much of a risk, and some places, like All Import Auto Parts, offer a 90-day warranty with all parts sold, a little extra peace of mind for our customers.

Are you capable of DIY car repair?

Anyone with a computer, or cable tv, and access to YouTube, is capable of learning how to do probably 80%-90% of all car repair fixes.  It is high-time that Americans get over the fear and self-doubt they have about car repair.  If you can watch YouTube, you can replace brake pads on your car, or replace a headlamp, or replace a water pump.

One other reason for buying used auto parts

And, if you love the environment as much as we do here at All Import Auto Parts, you will embrace used auto parts.  Salvage yards are great for the environment.  The auto wrecking business is the leading consumer product for recycling, with a full 95% of all vehicles going to recycling, and that recycling leads to new metals used in the manufacturing of new vehicles.  In other words, salvage yards mean less mining and less energy used, and that is a win-win for the environment.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

For over three decades, All Import Auto Parts, family owned and operated, has been serving the fine people of Fort Worth with outstanding used auto parts and used truck parts. Call us for all of your replacement parts needs.  If we can’t locate what you need, it probably doesn’t exist.