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Perhaps we are stating the obvious, but buying used auto parts CAN save you thousands of dollars per year, but knowing that and actually doing it are two different things, and that is what this article is all about, convincing you to give the DIY car repair movement a try.  Your budget will be happy that you did.

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But, before you can, we really should explain to you just how easy this DIY, our do-it-yourself, car repair process is, and how it saves you thousands of dollars per year.  So, let’s do that now.

Getting over the hesitation of DIY car repair

Truth be known, most car owners in the United States, dare we say the world, know very little about repairing a car or truck.  The internal-combustion engine is a mystery to most and, truthfully, it was much harder to repair a car, with little or no knowledge, thirty years ago.

Today, however, we have YouTube, and the internet, and it is much, much easier to find tutorials, in article or in video, which will take you step by step through the process of replacing a fuel pump or brake pads.  Anyone in possession of basic tools can perform 75% of the repairs a vehicle needs during its lifetime.  Now, think back to the last time you took your car to a car repair shop for maintenance. What did it cost you?  A couple hundred bucks?  And how often do you have to take your car in for repair or maintenance? Two or three times per year?

Do the math!

Welcome to the world of salvage yards

The greatest cost of car repair is the labor involved.  Most car mechanics make in the neighborhood of seventy-five bucks per hour to work on vehicles.  Toss in the cost of new car parts, and it is easy to see why so much is spent on car repair each year.

But, all is not lost.  Adopting a DIY attitude, those labor costs will shrink quickly.  And going to your local salvage yards for quality used parts will shrink those car parts bills just as quickly.  Salvage yards sell quality recycled auto parts for big discounts, on average 40%, and many of them, like our own All Import Auto Parts, include a 90-day warranty on every part we sell.

40% discount in price?  Those kinds of savings add up very quickly/

Everybody wins with salvage yards

Salvage yard owners win when you shop there, meaning more healthy businesses in your local economy.  You win because you are saving money on parts. And the environment wins, a huge consideration as we all do our part to save the planet, because recycling means less energy and mining used to make new car parts.

It’s only going to get more expensive to drive a car

Most of us can accept this truth about owning a car: it is only going to get more expensive as we move beyond the pandemic years. The oil supply problems, the cost of materials, they all add up to an undeniable truth: car owners are facing a rather bleak future, and they need to take every opportunity to save money where they can.  DIY car repair is one such way.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts

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