used BMW parts from salvage yards save money

Perhaps you have considered shopping with an online junkyard for your used car parts, but you’ve hesitated because, well, you just didn’t know enough to go ahead and try it.

Our goal, in this article, is to give you the industry insider information about the online junkyard industry, what to look for, what to be aware of, and what to avoid.  Armed with that information, you can then make an informed decision.

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The nature of an online junkyard.

Let us start by saying we in no way mean for this to sound negative. We are simply pointing out the nature of online junkyard, the advantages and the disadvantages of shopping with them.

The obvious advantage with shopping online, for anything, is convenience.  Sit at your kitchen table, log on, shop for what you need, pay for it, and it is delivered to you without you breaking a sweat at all.  It is done millions of times daily through Amazon, so obviously Americans love the convenience of shopping.  And one of the huge conveniences with Amazon is the ease of returning an item, and getting a discount, if the item does not meet your standards or if it malfunctions.

That cannot be said about online salvage yards/car part distributors.  We are not even talking about reputable or not reputable; we are simply saying you do not know, and that is a bit concerning when we are talking about a car part which is important for the operation of your vehicle.

Are they trustworthy?

This, then, is the question.  Racking up Yelp reviews is relatively easy, but it in no way gives you an accurate picture of trustworthiness.  Are quality used car parts being sold? The average person who owns a car wouldn’t know a quality used car part from an imperfect car part, and there are companies, online companies, which will prey on that fact. We wish it were not so, but it is.

The solution is a simple one.

If you love the convenience of online shopping, but you also want peace of mind, our suggestion is a simple one: shop the local salvage yards in your area, find one you can trust, one with a great local reputation, and chances are excellent that they, like All Import Auto Parts, will have an online shopping tool waiting for you on their website. This way you get the best of both worlds, convenience, and peace of mind.

A final word about All Import Auto Parts.

All Import Auto Parts is family owned and operated, a fixture in the Fort Worth community for two generations.  Our reputation means the world to us, our warranty is an industry-best 90-days, and we would love to have your business. Call us today and tell us what you need, or shop online using our parts indicator tool.