We know what you’re thinking: what in the world is an online junkyard?  You are doing a search for junkyards near me, and here we’re talking about virtual junkyards.  You want something close by your home, and we’re telling you about a trip through the Worldwide Web. What gives?

This article is going to open your eyes to a huge junkyard available to you, and we speak from experience. We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area but, really, we are serving all of the United States.  Call us for information and any questions you might have.

Welcome to the junkyards of the 21st Century.

What is an online junkyard?

In the old days, the days of your father and grandfather, if you wanted used car parts from  salvage yards, you jumped in your car, drove to your local wrecking yards, and literally walked among all of the vehicles on that lot, looking for the fuel pump you needed.  If one place didn’t have that fuel pump, you drove to the next salvage yard, and the next, hoping that fuel pump existed somewhere in your immediate area.

Enter the internet!

In the 1990’s the internet was implemented/activated, and salvage yards began keeping track of their inventories online so they always knew what they had at all times. This greatly simplified the car part search, as you might imagine.  A guy would call the salvage yard, ask about a fuel pump for a 1990 Nissan Maxima, and would instantly receive a yay or a nay regarding the availability of that fuel pump.

Enter the internet search for used auto parts

The next logical step was a car part application which allowed for a car part search of all salvage yard inventories across the United States, and that’s basically the salvage yard car part search system today.  Instead of walking through a salvage yard, you now jump on the online junkyard and find out where your used auto parts is located.   You pay for that part online, and that part is shipped to you from Baton Rouge or Topeka or Atlantic City.  You shop the online junkyard from the comfort of your living room, and how cool and easy is that?

But can you trust in those salvage parts?

At All Import Auto Parts, we guarantee every single car part we sell for ninety days.  If we find you a car part in Baton Rouge, we give is a 90-day warranty. The same for parts from all over the U.S.   Our reputation is only as good as the parts we sell, so you can count on us to sell only quality used auto parts.

What about shipping costs?

We offer the following:

  • Free next day shipping for orders over $50 in Dallas/Fort Worth area
  • Free ground shipping for internet orders under 50 lbs.

Add it all together and you get . . .

What you get is assurance that online junkyard shopping with a company like All Import Auto Parts is reliable and something you can count on, and you can also rest assured that it is infinitely easier than driving around like your grandfather did long ago.

Give us a call – All Import Auto Parts – we’re standing by to find you the part that puts your vehicle back on the road.