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Have you ever visited salvage yards before?  If so, you most likely know what we are going to say in this article.  If not, allow us to spend a few minutes educating you about wrecking yards.

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Basically, there are two types of salvage yard

We can break down the salvage yard scene into two categories: we pick them and you pick them.  We will add a third as of 2020, the Year of COVID, and say the online salvage yard.  Let’s look at each of these in a bit more detail.

We pick them

When salvage yards first burst upon the American scene, people would roam around the salvage yard, with tools, looking for parts they could use. If they found the fuel pump they needed, they would remove that part, pay for it, and take it home.

A few decades ago, salvage yards got away from this practice.  Too many people, untrained in pulling a part, would injure themselves, and too many people were asking salvage yard personnel to help them, thus costing personnel hours and hours of labor. Consequently, most salvage yards rejected the “you pick them” model and chose to not allow customers out into the yard. Instead, the customers requests a part, the salvage yard workers pull that part, and the customer pays for it. Conservatively-speaking, probably 75% of salvage yards across the United States follow that business model.

You pick them

There are, however, still “you pick them,” otherwise known as “pick and pull,” salvage yards to be found.  Take some tools to one of those salvage yards, arm yourself with a little basic knowledge on how to remove the part you need, and go at it. Generally speaking, the cost of used car parts at a pick-and-pull are a little less expensive because, well, you are doing the work.

And now, a third

The landscape of the salvage yard business has changed a bit because of the 2020 pandemic. Many salvage yards do not even open their offices, but instead take orders only by phone.  With the internet, and salvage yard apps, it is entirely possible for used car parts in Alabama to be found and shipped to Texas within a day or two, and this means the customer really never has to leave their home if they choose not to.  Just pick up the phone, call a place like All Import Auto Parts, tell us you need used Toyota parts, or used BMW parts, tell us the year and specific part, and we will find it for you and have it shipped immediately.  It’s that easy, like shopping Amazon for a big-screen television.

A word about All Import Auto Parts

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