Are you wondering where you can find used Toyota parts?

The same place you can find used car parts of every make and model:  your local salvage yards!

We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area for over thirty years, so we know a thing or two about used Toyota parts.  This article will give you the basics about used auto parts, and you can call us about any specific questions you might have about the world of salvage yards.

It’s easy to find a salvage yard in person

There are over 28,000 salvage yards in the United States, which is an average of 560 per state.  If you live near any city of decent size, you will have no problem finding salvage yards, also known as wrecking yards.

It is now that we need to interject a small word of warning:  the nearby salvage yard may not have the used Toyota parts you need. Think about it.  It’s a problem of sheer numbers.  How many Toyotas have been produced over the decades? And how many parts are there in a Toyota? It would be physically impossible for any salvage yard, anywhere, to have all of the Toyota parts ever made, so there is a chance you will not find what you need at any given salvage yard.

What to do?

It’s easier to find a salvage yard online

It’s no problem for any salvage yard owner.  He has an app which allows him to do a computer search of all the salvage yards around the United States.  He actually can find a Toyota part even if it is located in Paris.

And it’s easy to find your Toyota parts no matter where you live

So they find the part you want, they arrange to have it shipped to their location in the town you live, and without you even getting off the couch, your used Toyota parts will be shipped for you.

Save money

Used salvage parts save you money, on average about 40% of the cost of new parts.  In today’s pandemic world, where money is tight, this is a huge savings.  Do the math yourself.  How much is 40% savings on a used transmission?  $400?  $500?  Can you really choose to ignore those kinds of savings?

Quality parts with warrantees

Are you worried about purchasing a used auto part?  Do you have a nagging suspicion that the part in question will break down on you a week after you get it home?

All Import Auto Parts gives a 90-day warranty for every single part we sell.  That’s as good a warranty as you will find in the salvage yard industry. And keep in mind that most car parts are made to last at least 100,000 miles, and many will last 200,000, so your odds are pretty darned good.

Help save the environment

Every recycled car part, or reused car part, means one more new car part is not needed, which means fewer natural resources are needed.  And every car recycled goes back to the car industry to be reused in the making of new cars. This is a win-win for the environment.

Give us a call – All Import Auto Parts – we can find the used Toyota parts you need, at a price you can afford.